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At the Democratic Candidate Training in Fairfield Today!

A festive time had by all! Hosted by the Democratic Leadership, just finished off my veggie sandwich (thanks!) so thought I would post some pics! We had a great time, learned lots, and were hosted in Fairfield by the Democratic Leadership and Democratic campaign committee. Thanks so much, folks! What a nice school, too- we [...]

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URIP turns into LRAP, and why …

URIP turns into LRAP, and why this matters:We’ll have to watch this closely, but this session, the legislature has spent some time struggling away with state funding of rural road repairs. As you know, Old County Road and Route 1 are state roads, and as such, the state is responsible for repair. Rockland can’t do [...]

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Proactive: Camden Street

Let’s talk about what we want to see happen on Camden Street, since it’s pretty likely that the Walmart store will close, once the Super-Walmart opens in Thomaston. In these times of economic hardships, I believe that we should take a proactive stance on economic development. We have to both think creatively and actively get [...]

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Because government should protect and serve all.

At the Dedication of the Breakwater Lighthouse Peapod, August 2010

I received a letter recently from a constituent: He said that he’s watched me fight over the years for long term sustainability and solvency over short term windfalls. To work for growth that is sustainable and good for the community. To get a place at the table for those traditionally with little or no voice, [...]

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  • Elizabeth Dickerson Announces House Run, Democratic Caucus, Rockland, Maine February 26, 2012