The Issues

Innovation for Maine

As a 21st Century Teacher and a computer scientist and designer, I support innovation in research and technology, and funding for these initiatives, for our university system and our public schools.

Tax and Budget Reform

The shell games need to stop. Shifting costs to towns and municipalities does not work: it just shifts the costs on to the property tax payers. Rockland in particular, as a service center, feels that burden. I will fight for equitable taxation and budgeting.

Marriage Equality

I sponsored legislation at Rockland City Council supporting the 2009 vote of the Maine Legislature passing marriage equality. My measure did not pass, and the legislature’s vote was overturned by referendum, however, we will go to the polls to decide again. Marriage Equality is, as a constituent of mine says, the civil rights issue of our time.

Improving Our Children’s Education

Our children are our future. If you think education is expensive, consider the alternatives. A person who is educated is a person who is employable. Education must begin in early childhood. As an educator myself, I know that brain development between the ages of birth and five is critical to functionality throughout a person’s entire life. Therefore, programs like Head Start must be strengthened and supported, NOT CUT.

Healthy School Lunch, Exercise, and Nutritional Education

It’s a fact: we are in the midst of a new epidemic: Childhood Obesity. Diabetes in children is reaching an all time high as a result. What are we doing to combat this sad fate? FACT- Children who live within walking distance to a park or playground have a better chance of avoiding this terrible tragedy. What are we doing to support development activities that create walkable towns and cities? What are we doing to keep fast food and soda out of our public spaces and our schools? What are we doing to educate and reach out? What are we doing to make health care and good nutritional choices affordable and available? I will fight for our children’s health.

Supporting Maine Entrepreneurship

As a perennial Jill of All Trades and person who knows that if I can read, I can learn how to do it and make a buck at it, I celebrate the spirit of ingenuity in our state. I will work hard to create a climate that is conducive to entrepreneurs and people who want to start up a business idea or enterprise, both through public policy and private collaboration.

Supporting Living and Public Spaces that Conserve Energy

I have long championed energy efficiency in both municipal spaces, such as at the Rec Center and the Library and City Hall, and initiatives to help our residents weatherize and improve energy efficiency in their own homes, such as with the PACE home energy improvement loan program.

Economic Development

I have always supported our businesses with creative solutions and strategies, from political activism such as opposing the zone change to allow Walgreens, and as a result we now have a vibrant redeveloped local laundromat and tanning center, to working with local groups to keep our downtown humming, to supporting my local food coop. I have supported businesses that invest back into our community and provide a service to our community, and in the process have created jobs for our residents.

Giving Back

I support businesses and individuals that give back to the community, and we are blessed to have so many local businesses- too many to name- that give back, through benefit dinners or efforts to transport medical patients to services to helping animals to helping children, cleaning up parks, volunteering in the schools. We are blessed to have so many nonprofits that help in this time of need, from food banks to programs that help with food. Recently, I have been given the opportunity to help with an issue that has been important to me throughout my life, helping thoroughbred horses off the track find their next career with caring people. I have also worked over the past few years to train my dachsund, Cleo, so that she would not need to be put down due to aggressive behavior. I believe that we can all make a difference in our world if we shoulder an issue to which we feel connected, and pull a little of the load.

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