So…you’re a small business owner. And you have a website…

I know, you’ve been meaning to update it…I know you’ve been meaning to do a marketing email to your customers…I know, there’s ALL those pictures of your amazing products on that iPhone…

But wait. WHEN are you going to do this? You have a business to run! And running a business doesn’t leave you much time to do things like create a marketing campaign for those amazing new products you just got in! You are already working around the clock! So why not try me out- because I can help return your website and your marketing campaigns to sanity, which means- you will have more time to focus on your business. or maybe-

Even have some time to golf !


Golfing, Aspen Springs, Colorado Style!!

So here’s what I do:

I design and maintain websites on a very affordable basis, and I create email marketing campaigns that increase your business. I happen to be a computer geek who lives in both worlds: design and code- so not only can I deal with the back end of your email marketing automation software and your content management for your website, but I can create custom email templates and websites that exemplify the look and feel of your business.

I can make you a customized WordPress site, complete with Woo Commerce if you want an online store- check out some examples here: WordPress Themes Or, if you want something a lot more customized, one-of-a-kind-boutique, or even shabby chic, browse the Boutique Sites page for some examples of emails and pages I have built.

So try me out! I can help! And full disclosure: it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you don’t have a website, I can get you online with a WordPress theme site between 400-500 bucks. I’ll even give you a lesson on how to manage basic content.

As far as email marketing: using whatever marketing platform you prefer, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Silverpop, Sendgrid, etc, I work with you to build HTML email templates that work in all browsers and email clients. I also work with you on the statistics for your open rates, so that we can build effective email lists and marketing strategies based on real time analytics that work. Please contact me with your contact information so that we can set up a meeting to discuss your specific needs.

I’d love to help you get this online marketing thing together so that you stop feeling fighting with your computer and get back to loving life. And maybe- even spend some time golfing! Like me! Give a holler and let me show you how easy this can be!

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