I’m Lizzie, and this is my Place in Cyberspace! I know, my website is purple and blue and orange because…well!.. I love to have fun and laugh….


Golfing, Aspen Springs, Colorado Style!!

Life is supposed to be fun! You aren’t supposed to be spending your time tearing out your hair and feeling controlled by your computer! You have a business to run! So yes- if you want a more “businesslike” looking website, head over to the WordPress Themes page for some ideas. If you want something a little more customized or boutique or even shabby chic, browse the Boutique Sites page for some examples of emails and pages I have built.

I do everything from custom logo and website design to the “so you need an affordable website RIGHT NOW, let’s get WordPress up for you” kind of thing. Are you a business owner without a website? It’s okay- I won’t tell anyone…but they don’t know anyway, because they can’t find you!!! I can help! And full disclosure: it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I can get you online with a WordPress theme site between 400-500 bucks. I’ll even give you a lesson on how to manage basic content. If you want customized logos, fonts, or a more unique boutique look, I charge $50 an hour.

I can also help you with your email marketing strategies. Using whatever marketing platform you prefer, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Silverpop, etc, I work with you to build HTML email templates that work in all browsers and email clients. I also work with you on the stats for your open rates, and building effective email lists and marketing strategies that work. Please contact me with your contact information so that we can set up a meeting to discuss your specific needs.

I’d love to help you get this website thing together so that you stop feeling fighting with your computer and get back to loving life. Give a holler and let me show you how easy this can be!

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